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Mount Druitt Little Athletics
Mount Druitt Little Athletics
Mount Druitt Little Athletics
Mount Druitt Little Athletics
Mount Druitt Little Athletics
Mount Druitt Little Athletics
The object of these Rules shall be to set down the requirements for Competition for all meetings conducted by the Association, or on behalf of the Association.  All such meetings are to be conducted under the rules as set down in the I.A.A.F. Handbook, or as otherwise stated in this Yearbook.

Athletes are required to be at the field Fifteen (15) minutes prior to start of weekly competition for assembly and are generally required thirty (30) minutes prior to the start of Championships.

Athletes should WARM UP before any competition. Start with one slow jog/lap of the Track and finish with gentle stretching exercises.  This will save body/muscle damage which can occur by competing when cold.  Other warm ups and stretches can be done away from events in the grass area outside the track.

All registered Athletes with the Association competing at Centre, other Centre and Association meetings must be and shall compete in Centre Approved Uniform Only as notified to the Association each year.

Athletes are expected to be in uniform within 2 weeks of registration
  unless uniform supplies are not available.

Singlets must be tucked inside Running Shorts, Bloomers, and Bicycle Pants etc. only if your age patch cannot be seen when on the area of competition.

Large Registration Number shall be firmly fixed to the front of the athletes' top with the border clearly shown and to be clearly visible at all times.

Small Age Patch Number must be placed on the left leg of shorts/bike pants, Bloomers etc.

Jetstar Patch shall be firmly fixed to the athletes' top above and to the right of the registration number.

Unless these patches are attached as stated,
competition will not be permitted.  These numbers are also required to be worn at all Association Carnivals/Gala Days as well and including, Zone, Region, State, State Multi and State Relays etc.

If any Patch is lost, please notify the Centre Registrar or Any Centre Committee Person.  It is the parents' responsibility to have these patches replaced (Additional age patches will be available at a cost of $1.  Replacement of lost Registration number cost $5) in accordance with the Association's rules, with no exceptions.

Shoes MUST be worn at all times at competition & training in this Centre & at all Association conducted events.  Competing in bare feet is no longer allowed. Running shoes may be worn by athletes as purchased off the shelf.

Spiked shoes shall not be worn by any athlete competing in Tiny Tots, U/6, U/7, U/8, U/9 and U/10 age groups.

U/11 to U/12 age groups may wear spiked shoes in events which are run entirely in lanes only and all field events except Discus and Shot Put.

U/13 to U/17 age groups are now permitted to wear spiked shoes in all events except Shot, Discus and Walk.

The maximum size of spikes at this Centre is 12mm and spike holes must be filled.


Shot Put Rule Change
Commencing from this season, athletes in the U/6 age group shall throw a 500-gram shot put and it shall be coloured pink.

High Jump Rule Change
Commencing from this season, athletes in the U/9 and U/10 age groups will only be permitted to attempt high jumps using the Scissors Technique..

Long and Triple Jump Rule Change
Commencing this season, athletes in the U/11 age group and above shall jump from a 20cm by 1.22m board with a 10cm sand strip making the foul line.

Hurdles Rule Change
Commencing this season, athletes in the U/15 and U/17 age group will run a 300m hurdles replacing the 200m Hurdles event. There shall be 7 flights, 50m run in, 35m separation and 40m run out.

Starting Blocks may be used at the discretion of the athlete; the athlete must show that they can use them proficiently so as to not hold up the starting of the event in a reasonable time.

An entry Fee for Zone and Region is paid by the Centre.
This season it is again included in the registration fee, and therefore no additional fees are payable.
Age Managers will distribute entry Forms.  These must be returned via the Age Manager or the Championships Officer by the close date noted on the entry form. 
No late entries will be accepted.

In Zone, Region and State Championships, each competitor shall be allowed to enter no more than four (4) events, except U/13-U/17 who can enter up to 6 events.  Each centre is only allowed to submit 4 athletes in the one event e.g. if we have x5 U/7 Boys entered in the 100m we must then ask the athlete with the slowest time to change his event or opt to compete in 3 events only.  For U/13-U/17 this rule does not apply.

Once acceptance of Zone Championships has been received, athletes must be prepared to also compete at Region and State, as eligible.  Athletes must also have parents arrange transport and be in attendance to help on a roster system with events and report to the Team Manager, failure to report and assist will jeopardise your child’s nomination for Junior, Intermediate and Senior Championship nominations.

Are held on the Last week week of January and are open to all Registered Athletes who satisfy participation of the events they have chosen e.g. an athlete that has only competed 1 or 2 times in the 3000m would normally not qualify however this is at the advice from the Officer for Records and Rankings.  Each athlete is permitted to enter Six (6) events, with the exception of the U/6, U/7 & U/8's who are permitted to enter Four (4) events.  Tiny Tots will continue with play training activities.

Entry forms for Centre Championships will be handed out in Early November and must be lodged by the due date noted on the entry form (End of November). 
No Late entries will be accepted. In the event of Rain and the event is postponed to another date, still no late entries are accepted due to ordering of medals and program etc.
ENTRY FEE is $10 per Family. Families who will be away prior to the closing date would need to submit an early entry to avoid disappointment.  In the past we have had multiple postponements due to rain and parents may not have entered their child but can now they can make it and think they are entitled, you are not! As stated above this is due to ordering of medals and program of events.

The Minimum Requirement for Junior / Intermediate / Senior Champion Nominations is Entry to Zone and Entering Centre Championships.

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