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Age Managers are generally responsible for the behaviour of the children, however if after warnings problems continue to persist with disruption to other athletes etc. the following course of action should be taken.

1) Time out / leave the ground for the event
(Age Manager without committee permission)
2) Time out / leave the ground for 2 events
(Age Manager without committee permission)
3) Loss of night’s competition points for the night or the event.
(In consultation by a committee person)
4) Asked to leave for the remainder of the night
(In consultation by a committee person)
5) A formal letter advising that you will no longer be able to attend unless your parent goes around with you on the night with a reminder that rule 6 is the next step.
(By committee only)
6) At our cost all money (excluding Little A's charges) will be refunded and you will be asked to leave the club and not come back by way of a formal letter.
(By committee only)

When Etiquette and Commonsense are in operation, it promotes safety amongst athletes and officials and allows events to take place smoothly.
- Walk and Running training should be separated so that neither group gets in the way of the other.
- Do not walk across any run-up area's, go around the back
- When athletes are throwing the Discus and Shot Put, the area in front of the circle is OUT OF BOUNDS.  Everyone should walk BEHIND the circle.  Athletes should wait well back from the circle at Shot Put and behind the cage at Discus.
- When an athlete is High Jumping, the area behind the bags should be kept clear to avoid distraction.
- Athletes should be careful not to cross the track when an event is in progress.
- If it is safe to cross he track, only cross at the end of the finish line
- Only athletes, officials & helpers are to be at the Javelin area when it is in progress.

Once children have been marshalled to their event/s, they are completely in the charge of the Judge of the event/s, until the Judge/s have dismissed the entire age group:-

(a)  During weekly competition, the Judge should be the only person to speak to the competitors in the progress of the event.

Age Managers should assist in keeping competitors from being restless.  The Executive Committee or Officials from other events are permitted to talk to competitors - provided no disruption to the event is caused and assistance is not being provided.

(b)  The Judge may advise a competitor ONLY if he/she feels the competitor is competing in a manner dangerous to them.

(c)   The only time coaching can take place is during normal training nights.
If any Officials, Parents, Relatives etc. wishing to encourage their children on the Track, this is only permitted from OUTSIDE the fence.

As a result of a decision from the Association, no alcohol can be consumed during any competition, including Centre nights and spectators etc. anyone who break this rule, will jeopardise their children's insurance.  This rule includes both on and off the field. In addition, Council is also now enforcing its policy of no alcohol on Parks and the Police will be removing offenders.

Spectators are not allowed on the field during competition.  The only people allowed on the field are the registered competitors and SIGNED ON officials.

While all the above is in progress, no problems should arise with injury through lack of               concentration and no problems should arise with the STRINGENT INSURANCE RULES WHICH NOW APPLY should an accident occur.

As a result of a number of incidents that have occurred in the last few seasons, the Executive has been forced to implement some changes for athletes competing in events - including both track & field. Concern has been expressed at the number of athletes eg. walking, talking, skipping, running backwards etc, and
not competing in the spirit of the event.

Competitors noted by officials behaving in this manner, will be disqualified and no points for the event will be awarded.  The Centre recognises the need for some athletes to walk during a running event, and these athletes will not be disadvantaged. Competitors, who once having started an event, and having a genuine reason for retiring from the event, will be awarded one (1) point for competing.
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