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Awards are presented in the form of Trophies, Medals, Ribbons and Certificates as a means of encouragement to the athletes.  They will be awarded on performances, attendance and other criteria as outlined below as well as throughout the season and selected by a panel consisting of the Executive Committee.

When children enjoy their sport, the winning comes easy, sportsmanship is evident and encouragement is high.  Pressure is not necessary at any time - ENCOURAGEMENT IS.

NOTE: The minimum attendance to be eligible for any Award is 66% from available competition nights.

U/15-U17 age groups who are working part time and find they have to work on the occasional Friday will have a minimum attendance of 50% from competition nights available.  A letter from the athlete can be written and then signed by their manager with company stamp or have their manager write a letter on a company letter head stating the Friday / Date that was or will be required to work, this will then need to be handed into the Records and Rankings Officer ASAP.  In the event you think you may be getting close to 50% please discuss your concern to the Records and Rankings Officer as soon as possible! So you can discuss this with your employer.

TINY TOTS: Trophies are awarded based on behaviour, sportsmanship, listening, learning and having fun.  This age group must have a minimum of 50% attendanceNOTE: There is a sign on sheet for parents each Friday and this is used as our reference for attendance FAILURE TO SIGN ON WILL RESULT IN NO TROPHY.

PLACE IN AGE GROUP: These awards are based on points for events recorded on competition nights.  Placing trophies for 1st, 2nd and 3rd are for Boys and Girls Age Groups.

Attending an Event: 1 Point
DSQ, DNF: 1 Point

1st Place: 8 Points
2nd Place: 6 Points
3rd Place: 5 Points
4th Place: 4 Points
5th Place: 3 Points
6th Place: 2 Points
7th-20th Place: 1 Point

If you came 3rd you would get 5 Points + 1 Point for Attendance.
If you start an event and pull out (DNF) you get 1 Point, if you get Disqualified (DSQ) you get 1 Point.

ENCOURAGEMENT/IMPROVEMENT AWARD: This is awarded to the athlete in each age group who tries hard at bettering their own personal best while participating on a regular basis in all events.

PARTICIPATION TROPHIES: These are awarded to children in the Centre who are not receiving any other trophy and who have satisfied regular attendance (minimum 66%). Children who register later in the season are calculated on a pro-rata basis, wash out days are also taken into account.  Please note: children who are not receiving any other trophy and have 100% attendance and registered before the 10th week of competition will be awarded a 100% participation trophy in recognition of perfect attendance.

5 & 10 YEAR TROPHY: Awarded to athletes who have 5 or 10 consecutive year’s registration with Mount Druitt Little Athletics with regular attendance throughout the seasons.  The Officer for Records and Rankings will determine an athletes’ regular attendance & provide details of special circumstances to the Executive at the completion of the season for consideration.

LEE ALLEN MEMORIAL TROPHY:  This trophy, both a perpetual and an individual trophy and was introduced in the 1991/1992 season, in recognition of the former Centre stalwart and will be perpetuated for future seasons.  It is determined on athletes’ improvements in certain track events and is resolved by the Committee at the completion of the season.

JENNY MCNAMARA MEMORIAL TROPHY:  This new award is in memory of our late Life Member, Vice President and Records and Rankings Officer and will be perpetuated for future seasons.  This trophy, both a perpetual and individual trophy and was introduced in the 2014/2015 season.  This award is based on “Total Improvements in Field Events” over the season and replaces the Warren Munro Memorial Trophy 1994-2014.

PRESIDENTS AWARD:  This is presented in recognition of helpfulness throughout the season.  This award is open for athletes, parents and officials.

MULTI POINT SCORE MEDALS:  These special medals will continue to be awarded, and are based on the points/performances achieved at our Centre Championships.  It is important, therefore to encourage athletes to participate in the maximum number of events to ensure maximum points - to be awarded at the Presentation Day.

JUNIOR, INTERMEDIATE & SENIOR BOYS/GIRLS CHAMPION:  These Trophies both a perpetual and individual trophy and are awarded to athletes based on the “overall” criteria below and conditions and is resolved by the Committee via a ballot with no athlete names in mention.  As our major award the selection criteria is tough and the decision made by the Committee is final as all runner up/nominated athletes receive a nomination Trophy.

- Must Attend Zone, there is no minimum events to be eligible excluding U/6
- Must Attend Centre Championships
- Place in Age Group
- Centre Improvements
- Multi Point
- Zone, Region and State
- Parent Assistance

Eligibility Conditions Explained
Must Attend Zone:  These awards are only available to Athletes who have attended and competed from Zone and onward, except the U/6 age group.

Attendance:  The athlete must have the minimum 66% attendance.  The athlete should compete in all nominated and eligible events for Zone through to State unless due to an exemption reason.

Place in Age B/G:  This information is provided by the Officer for Records and Rankings and as above.

Centre Improvements:  This information is provided by the Officer for Records and Rankings and as above.

Centre Championships:  Based on placing’s at Centre Championships in the events the athlete has chosen to compete in.

Multi Point: Based on the points/performances achieved at our Centre Championships as above, Information is provided by the Officer for Records and Rankings

Zone, Region or State:  Based on placing’s.  If an Athlete does not compete in an event they have chosen the parent or athlete must report to the Team Manager on the day to advise the reason.

Parent Assistance:  Assistance at Centre Championships.  Assistance at Zone, Region and State with our centre’s designated event by the Zone, Region and State committee.  All parents are required to report to the Team Manager on arrival and assist at the time they have been rostered, there are no exceptions to this rule e.g. If a relative is in supervision then this relative is expected to take the parents place and any other exemptions that can be thought of.

Each year there continues to be confusion as to why they or their child were not nominated, each year a parent or athlete finds a new reason that thinks they are exempt and should still be nominated so we will add to the list below, if there isn’t a reason below this does not mean you are entitled as common sense must prevail.


• Injury:  This is accepted where a medical certificate is presented.  If the athlete continues to have an ongoing injury of the same nature then only one certificate is required.  If an Injury is sustained on the day, however this must be reported to the team manager on the day.
• Missing a called event at Zone, Region or State, this is only an accepted reason provided the athlete and parent are sitting with the Mount Druitt Team, when sitting together as a team we (all parents and athletes) can all look out for each other and at times that is no ones fault an event call can be missed.
ANY other reasons must be advised at the time and will be considered by the Committee.

Not Eligible
(Additional to the above)
No Show for an Event, Not wanting to compete in your nominated event, wanting to concentrate on other events (dropping a nominated event).

Athletes are encouraged to attend weekly for experience, awards, points and selections to represent.  If through illness or other valid reasons, a lengthy absence occurs, please notify the Records and Rankings Officer.

Failure to notify will jeopardise your child's trophy - unnecessarily.  It's easy to tell someone - so the Centre knows.

The provision of medical certificates will ensure that the Centre can properly assess the issue of trophies - but will not give 100% attendance.

66% attendance is a requirement for all Athletes to be eligible for ALL Trophies, Medals etc. if you have some concerns that you haven’t met this minimum requirement please discuss with the President so that your case can be submitted before the committee rather than being disappointed on the day of presentation.

Centre records can be broken on any Competition night and Centre Championships Day.

Any record that has not been set can only be set on Championships Day and thereafter can be set on any competition night.  All records broken throughout the season will be recorded and if still standing at the end of the Athletics season will be entered our next Year Book.

Field Events:
Records will only be recognised if An Official be present at the field event.
If an athlete is getting close to breaking a record, the Age Manager must request that an Official be present to verify the measurement procedure and sign-off the record.

Straight Track Events:
Records will only be recognised when TWO time keepers are present.
If an athlete is getting close to breaking a record, the Age Manager must inform the starters and finish line officials to ensure there are at least two time keepers to time and sign-off the record

Round Track Events:
Times are electronically taken and will be verified by the timekeeper/recorder.

All Records must be approved by the Officer for Records and Rankings.

** If any changes are made to the rules of competition by the executive committee during the season then a re-print of the rules of competition is required and the amended page to be posted on the notice board for the remainder of the season.  Failure to do this will mean the new rule is not valid.

Grading is necessary to give all athletes a fair chance at competition; it assists the Centre to allocate points; it is used to select athletes for representative carnivals by studying the individual times and distances as well as consistency.  Once this has been completed, the athletes are selected on ability

Most Little Athletics Centre including ours use the Results HQ system for recording and posting results.  Each family will receive a user name (the email addressed you registered with) and login and can view their results at: or using the ResultsHQ app which is free to download from apple or android store.

Results are entered by our Records and Rankings Officer after each competition night.  Please remember our Records and Rankings Officer is also a volunteer and will be entering results in their own time.  Please be patient.

Track and field event score sheets can be viewed on request.

Point scores are worked out over the whole season of weekly competition.  Points are recorded after times from all heats are combined, times and distances are noted, and points allocated.  Points are carried over on a weekly basis and therefore regular attendance is encouraged.  Apart from the above point system, a separate chart is kept for each time athletes better their own previous best.  This will assist in deciding the Encouragement/Improvement Awards.

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