Mount Druitt Little Athletics
Mount Druitt Little Athletics
Mount Druitt Little Athletics
Mount Druitt Little Athletics
Mount Druitt Little Athletics
Mount Druitt Little Athletics
Crop Top $35.00
Unisex Singlet $35.00
Hipsters (Short Bike Pants) $35.00
Bike Pants Medium $35.00 (at this stage size 14, 16 & 18 only)
Unisex Shorts $35.00
Scrunchies $5.00
Centre Uniform consists of Bottle Green (main colour), down the sides are Vertical Navy-Blue, Gold and Navy-Blue Stripes for all tops and bottoms.

Uniforms cannot be made or purchased elsewhere

Athletes are expected to be in uniform within 2 weeks of registration
, unless uniform supplies are not available.

All athletes shall compete in Centre Approved Uniform Only when competing at Centre, Gala Days & Association meetings as notified by the centre to the Association each year.

Singlets must be tucked inside Running Shorts, Bloomers, and Bicycle Pants etc. only if your age patch cannot be seen when in the area of competition.

Large Registration Number shall be firmly fixed to the front of the athletes' top with the border clearly shown and to be clearly visible at all times.

Small Age Patch Number must be placed on the left leg of shorts/bike pants, Bloomers etc.

Coles Patch shall be firmly fixed to the athletes' top above and to the right of the registration number.

Unless these patches are attached as stated,
competition will not be permitted.  These numbers are also required to be worn at all Association Carnivals/Gala Days as well and including, Zone, Region, State, State Multi and State Relays etc.

If any Patch is lost, please notify the Centre Registrar or Any Centre Committee Person.  It is the parents' responsibility to have these patches replaced (Additional age patches will be available at a cost of $1.  Replacement of lost Registration number cost $5) in accordance with the Association's rules, with no exceptions.

Centre Numbers (119) are no longer issued by Little Athletics NSW, if you have one already stitched on your existing uniform it does not have to be removed.

Shoes MUST be worn at all times at competition & training in this Centre & at all Association conducted events.  Competing in bare feet is no longer allowed. Running shoes may be worn by athletes as purchased off the shelf.

Spiked shoes shall not be worn by any athlete competing in Tiny Tots, U/6, U/7, U/8, U/9 and U/10 age groups. 

U/11 to U/12 age groups may wear spiked shoes in events which are run entirely in lanes only and all field events except Discus and Shot Put.  U/13 to U/17 age groups are now permitted to wear spiked shoes in all events except Shot, Discus and Walk.

The maximum size of spikes at this Centre is 12mm and spike holes must be filled.

Any additional information please email

LAANSW General Rules of Competition (Includes ruling on Skins, T shirts under Uniform etc.
Click on the Link LAANSW General Rules for all the Rules

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